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Strong Partnership for Better Service Quality

As a member of the Polish Rental Industry Association (PSBW), BAC Poland plays a key role in shaping industry standards and promoting the concept of rental in Poland. Our membership in the PSBW allows us not only to share our knowledge and experience with other market leaders, but also to continuously develop our services and offerings, providing customers with access to state-of-the-art solutions and industry best practices.

Commitment to High Standards

Through its partnership with PSBW, BAC Poland participates in initiatives to improve industry regulations, promote safety and environmental principles, and provide independent statistical information. Our commitment to these activities ensures that we operate in accordance with the highest industry standards, offering safe and effective solutions to our customers.

Benefits for Our Customers

Being part of PSBW gives us access to an extensive network of contacts, which translates into better knowledge of the market and its current trends. This allows us to better tailor our offerings to our customers' needs and respond more quickly to changing market demands. We are proud to support our customers not only as a supplier, but also as an active participant and shaper of the construction equipment rental market in Poland.

Join Us

We invite you to partner with BAC Poland and experience the quality and professionalism that comes with our PSBW membership. Together we are creating a better future for the construction equipment rental industry.


1. what is the Polish Rental Industry Association (PSBW) and what is BAC Poland's role in this association?
PSBW is a cooperation platform for rental companies, promoting rental and supporting the development of the industry in Poland. BAC Poland, as a member of PSBW, actively participates in the association's initiatives, contributing to the development of industry standards.
2 What are the benefits of PSBW membership for BAC Poland?
Membership in PSBW allows BAC Poland to exchange knowledge and experience with other market leaders, which influences the improvement of the company's offerings and services and their adaptation to current market trends.
3 Does the PSBW affect the quality of services offered by BAC Poland?
Yes, thanks to its active participation in the PSBW, BAC Poland has access to the latest trends and industry standards, which translates into high quality services.
4 Does BAC Poland participate in PSBW educational initiatives?
Yes, BAC Poland participates in PSBW's educational initiatives, which helps promote safe industry practices and increases awareness of rental as an effective solution.
5 What PSBW initiatives does BAC Poland support?
BAC Poland supports various PSBW initiatives, including those related to improving industry regulations, promoting health, safety and environmental principles, as well as efforts to develop and professionalize the rental market.
6. does BAC Poland use the network of contacts offered by PSBW?
Yes, BAC Poland benefits from PSBW's extensive network of contacts, which enables the exchange of information and experience and expands the company's business opportunities.
7. How does PSBW membership affect BAC Poland's offerings?
Membership in PSBW allows BAC Polska to adapt its offerings to current market needs and introduce innovative solutions in line with industry best practices.
8. does BAC Poland have an impact on shaping the standards of the rental industry within the PSBW?
As a member of PSBW, BAC Poland has the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the standards of the rental industry, which contributes to improving the quality of services in the market.
9. Has the cooperation with PSBW affected the brand recognition of BAC Poland?
Yes, PSBW membership helps build BAC Poland's brand awareness and underscores its commitment to promoting professional standards for the rental industry.
10. How does BAC Poland use the knowledge and resources gained through PSBW?
BAC Poland uses the knowledge and resources gained through PSBW to continuously improve its services, innovate and provide customers with the highest quality rental solutions.
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