Company history of BAC Polska

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BAC's beginnings

BAC BV was founded in 1985 in the Netherlands as a family business. From the very beginning, the company began to develop dynamically, providing services in the field of rental of mobile platforms. The establishment of the company was a response to the high demand for this type of machinery in the Dutch market. As a result, BAC BV began to grow rapidly, offering more and more lifts for rent and sale.

Development in global markets

The company began expanding into other countries just a few years later, opening a branch in Poland. In 2002, BAC Polska was founded by Mr. Geriit Baastian Slooijer and Dirk Jacobus Baca, which thus proved to be a continuation of Dutch traditions, providing services in the mobile platform industry, including: scissor lifts, telescopic lifts and aerial lifts.

The headquarters of BAC Polska was opened in Kostrzyn-on-Odra in 2003. The experience gained by observing a Dutch family business allowed the presidents of the Polish branch to effectively introduce measures to develop the company. The purchase of more plots of land for further investments was only a matter of time. The result of effective work was the start of construction of new branches just a few years later, which were spread all over Poland. In 2006, a branch was opened in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska, in 2012 in Piotrków Trybunalski (Jarosty) and in 2016 in Dabrowa Gornicza.

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1985 r. - Establishment of BAC BV

2002 r. - Establishment of BAC Polska

2003 r. - Opening of headquarters in Kostrzyn-on-Odra

2006 r. - Opening of branch office in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska

2012 r. - Opening of a branch in Piotrków Trybunalski

2016 r. - Opening of a branch in Dabrowa Gornicza

2006 r. - BAC Poland representative of the MEC brand

2007 r. - BAC Poland representative of the UpRight brand

2020 r. - BAC Poland authorized dealer of Zoomlion brand

Cooperation with Zoomlion brand

Headquartered in Poland, the company, along with its three subsidiaries, continues to grow and thrive in our country, offering lifts for rent and sale. Thanks to its successes, BAC Poland has quickly become a leader in the mobile platform industry on the Vistula River.

The proof of the dynamic development turned out to be the establishment of cooperation with the brand Zoomlion, a global manufacturer of construction machinery, including mobile platforms. In 2020, BAC Poland became the exclusive dealer of the brand's lifts in Poland. We are confident that the fruits of this cooperation will be reaped for years to come, as both Zoomlion and BAC have a clear goal - to consciously build a growth strategy in global and European markets.

Leader in the sale and rental of elevators

Establishing a partnership with Zoomlion allows you to offer customers new scissor lifts and telescopic lifts With different working heights. However, in our fleet of machines we have mobile platforms from even more global manufacturers, i.e. JLG, Genie, UpRight, Liftlux, Holland Lift, Denka Lift, Haulotte, which we allocate for rental.

Meanwhile, BAC Polska was the official representative of two brands - MEC (2006) and UpRight (2007).

We believe that progress is still possible, and we are guided by the motto: "the sky is not the limit." We look forward to the years ahead and hope that the company's growth will be as noticeable as it has been in the past less than two decades.

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