Company BAC Polska With a view to acting quickly and efficiently, it has started working with the lessor Santander Leasing.
We have all the capabilities to immediately provide the customer with a favorable leasing offer.
In the case of lending up to 200 thousand zlotys having a set of necessary documents (completed application) we obtain a leasing decision Within 2 hours, without unnecessary bureaucracy. Financing, on the other hand, takes place within 24 hours.

Santander Leasing (formerly BZ WBK Leasing), a long-time leader in financing machinery and equipment, Is among the top leasing companies. As a universal lessor, it offers financing for a wide range of fixed assets to small and medium-sized business and corporate clients. The company specializes in financing all means of transportation. Moreover, the offer is tailored to specific professional groups .

The company primarily bases its business activities on affiliate programs, thus offering services and financial solutions that meet the changing needs of the market.

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