In Action: The Power of Machines BAC Poland

In the rapidly developing world of modern construction technology, BAC Poland machines are the foundation of efficiency and innovation. Used in a variety of projects, our lifts are not only proof of engineering mastery, but also a symbol of reliability and sophistication.

Our Projects

Part 1: BAC Poland Telescopic Lifters in Action

In the photo, you can see how our telescopic lifts play a key role on an urban construction site. Their booms reach where other machines cannot, allowing work at height to be carried out more efficiently and safely.

Part 2: Scissor lifts BAC Poland in Action

Here we see our scissor lifts in action, providing a stable and safe platform for workers performing installation work. Their exceptional mobility and ease of maneuverability make them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Part 3: Specialized Applications of Machinery BAC Poland

In this image, we show how our tracked lifts efficiently navigate difficult terrain, which is crucial in projects that require work on uneven surfaces. Their durability and adaptability prove themselves in the most demanding conditions.


BAC Poland machines are more than just equipment - they are partners in every construction and installation project. We invite you to work with us to experience how our machines can contribute to the success of your project.


1 What types of lifts does BAC Poland offer?
BAC Poland offers a wide range of lifts, including scissor lifts, telescopic lifts, articulated lifts, mast lifts, electric lifts, and diesel lifts to suit a variety of needs and working conditions.
2. does BAC Poland offer short- and long-term rental of elevators?
Yes, we offer both short-term rentals, ideal for single projects, and long-term rentals for longer projects.
3. can I get help choosing the right lift for my project?
Of course, our experienced consultants are available to help you choose the best solution tailored to your specific requirements and working conditions.
4 Does BAC Poland provide transportation of the jacks to the work site?
Yes, we offer transport of elevators to the customer's work site using our specialized low-loader transport in Poland and Europe.
5. does BAC Poland offer service and technical support for elevators?
Yes, we provide a full range of maintenance and technical services for all types of elevators, both rented and purchased.
6. what are the requirements for operating elevators?
Operating elevators requires proper training and certification. We offer the necessary training to ensure safe and efficient use of our machines.
7. does BAC Poland sell used elevators?
Yes, in addition to new machines, we also offer the sale of used lifts that are fully inspected and serviced to ensure their reliability and safety.
8. does BAC Poland offer leasing of elevators?
Yes, we offer various financing options, including leasing, to suit the individual needs and financial capabilities of our customers.
9. how can I book a lift at BAC Poland?
Reservations can be made by contacting us by phone, e-mail or by filling out the contact form on our website.
10. does BAC Poland offer safety and elevator training?
Yes, we regularly provide professional safety and elevator operation training to ensure that all users can safely and effectively use our machines.
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