Long-term rental

At BAC Polska you can take advantage of the rental service long-term, giving Customer a number of benefits.

By long-term rental we understand the rental of an aerial work platform or scissor lift for a period of time longer than 12 months. Then the customer receives from us equipment that is available for use 24/7, and he can use it at any time as if he owned it.

In the case of long-term rentals, all operating costs, such as service, UDT inspections, transport Are on the side of BAC Polska. In this way, the client significantly reduces service costs. The machines we offer for long-term rental are the latest equipment, fully operational and providing Effective and safe work at height.

For whom do we recommend long-term rental of mobile platforms?

The long-term lift rental option is an excellent solution for many industries among others:

  • in the industrial sector - Every manufacturing plant successively uses elevators to perform maintenance inspections of facilities, or ongoing repairs to ceiling or lighting installations.
  • in the logistics and warehousing industry - The elevator, which is available at the facility 24/7, can be used for both day-to-day picking activities, facility maintenance and periodic inventories.
  • in construction and renovation stores - excellent assistance in the rapid transport of goods and in the ongoing maintenance of the facility in terms of, for example, cleaning the facade or replacing lighting.

We have the best equipment for you with Zoomlion brand lithium batteries.

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