Forklifts from 1.5T to 5T

The forklifts offered by BAC Polska are quality at a reasonable price. The offer is designed for companies that need a forklift for a few days, as well as for many months.

Forklift applications:

  •  Logistics - logistics centers. Combination of loading along with transportation and transfer of materials from warehouses to trucks and vice versa
  •  Warehouses - all kinds
  •  Freight transhipment sites - stations, airports, terminals
  •  Construction sites - for loading and unloading materials needed for construction
  •  Agriculture - building and timber yards

When choosing the right forklift, there are other factors that are very important to keep in mind. For example, the type of drive: Diesel Cannot do indoor work. Then you need a cart for electrically powered.



Working Height [m].

Max. Load capacity [kg].

Weight [KG].

  • Yellow forklift in front of the forest.

    ZMG 35E 4.5M

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:


  • A red forklift in the parking lot.

    ZMG G25HG 4.5M

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:


  • Green forklift in the warehouse.

    EP-EFX251 Lithium 4,80 M.

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:
  • Yellow forklift with a high mast in the parking lot.

    ZMG 35E 6M

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:


  • Forklift in front of BAC RENTAL building.

    EP CPD50F8 Lithium 6 M.

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:
  • A yellow forklift on an asphalt yard.

    ZMG C35E 6M

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:


  • Yellow forklift with boom in parking lot.

    ZMG 35E 6.5M

    Working Height [m]: Max. Lifting capacity [kg]:


    Weight [kg]:


Ask about a mobile lift for rent

Need to rent a lift? BAC Polska offers mobile platforms tailored to your needs. Our company has already been trusted by thousands of companies and individuals. We use the gained experience for further cooperation. The machines we offer for rent have different lifting capacity and maximum working height. We provide transportation to the indicated place, and all this at attractive prices. Do not delay, contact our staff by phone or fill out the contact form. You will certainly not be left without an answer.

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