Zoomlion ZA14J 4×4

Zoomlion ZA14J diesel articulated boom lift rental 4×4 is possible at BAC Poland. We offer attractive mobile platform rental prices. The ZA14J is diesel-powered using a Kubota Stage V engine.

The Zoomlion ZA14J is four-wheel drive, so working in demanding terrain will not cause the user any problems. The model will be perfect for performing tasks in open spaces and at not too high altitudes.

The Zoomlion ZA14J mobile platform is compact. The lift can be used when working in hard-to-reach places. The platform can be rotated 90 degrees.

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Zoomlion ZA14J 4×4 diesel articulated boom lift rental

The Zoomlion ZA14J reaches a maximum working height of 15.8 meters. The lifting capacity of the mobile platform is 300 kg, while the weight is 7100 kg. The lift - like all Zoomlion models - is characterized by a stable structure and workmanship with attention to every detail, even the smallest.





Working Height [m].

Max. Load capacity [kg].

Weight [kg].




Wheelbase [m]

Platform width [m].

Platform height length [m].

Lateral range [m].



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