Introducing you to the Genie Z-135 while working on site

Telescopic breakaway platform from the company BAC Poland - Genie Z-135 During work at a construction site in Bydgoszcz.Genie Z-135 shown in the photos raises to a working height of 43 m. It has a working range of 21.26 m and a telescopic jib of 4 m. The machines have been in the possession of the company for several months BAC Polska And they perform very well in operation. The purchase of these platforms allows us to diversify our product range more, which involves competitiveness in the rental market. The popular "Gienia" is performing very well on the Bydgoszcz construction site.

IMG-20151113-WA0000 IMG-20151113-WA0007 IMG-20151113-WA0004

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