On 14.09.23 in the Wroclaw branch of BAC POLSKA company an OPEN DAY took place, where invited guests could take a close look at all mobile platforms offered by the manufacturer of Zoomlion lifts. This special day included demonstrations of the platforms, their testing, but we also presented our online store with a wide range of parts for Zoomlion platforms. All interested parties had the opportunity to see our warehouse of parts, our fleet of service cars, as well as to learn about the training programs organized for our customers - in the field of maintenance of Zoomlion platforms.

All Zoomlion models were available, but the main attraction was the Zoomlion ZT58J, the tallest in Poland and one of the world's tallest diesel telescopic lifts, where the assembled guests could experience the capabilities of this remarkable machine - while admiring the panorama of Wroclaw and the surrounding area.

The meeting at our branch was a huge success - 70% of the most important rental companies from our country met in one place and time - more than 120 guests were present. For all present we organized refreshments, rides in vintage cars, and the guests' time was enriched by well-known covers performed by the Backstage band.

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