Professional rental of JLG1850SJ diesel telescopic platforms [VIDEO].

Diesel telescopic lift JLG1850SJ is available in BAC Polska. The mobile platform gives the possibility to work at a height of 58.5m. With the help of the side boom, a reach of 24.4m is achieved. The JLG1850SJ telescopic boom lift guarantees an extensive working area At altitude. This platform is dedicated for 2 users and has a huge payload in terms of from 230 kg to 454 kg.

Telescopic platforms diesel-powered are designed to work on unpaved land, where operations are carried out on sizable heights. Through 4×4 drive and pendulum axis The elevator guarantees unheard-of mobility. These lifts very good for work that requires maximum swing in the ceiling. With the articulated arm With the option of lateral movement of the basket, it gives you the opportunity to greater working range.

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