Navigate North rally - Helping Kubusi.

Company BAC VERHUUR and 4 MORE TECHNOLOGY take part in Rally Navigate North Throughout the Scandinavian countries. They have 7,000 kilometers to cover in 7 days. The rally starts on January 18, 2019. Their goal is to raise as much funds as possible to help the Kubus Smiejewski, a resident of our city of Kostrzyn-on-Oder. Kubuś is 2 years old and suffers from a malignant neoplasm of the sympathetic nervous system, which is classified as a childhood cancer - stage IV Neuroblastoma. Kubuś Urgently needs more than 700,000 thousand gold For treatment, it is a huge amount, let's help him get it! Don't be indifferent, this is just a small defenseless child, whom we can help to enjoy life. We ask our Friends, Co-workers and Customers to support our action. WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU!!!

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