Modernization and expansion of power plants with BAC Polska

In connection with the expansion and modernization of the power plant, BAC Polska secures installation companies with various types of equipment for high-altitude work.Various types of telescopic lifts from companies are used to carry out the work BAC Polska. Among others Genie Z-135 With a lift height of 43 m and a reach of 21.3 m. JLG 1250AJP with a height of 40 m and a reach of 19.25 m, and Genie SX180 With a height of 57 m and a reach of 24.38 m.

The leased equipment is used primarily for the assembly of various types of structures and installations. When expanding power plants in Opole or Kozienice, the company BAC Polska also supplies scissor lifts from 10 m(UpRight X32) up to 26 m(Liftlux SL-245).

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