Zoomlion to showcase full AWP range at CICEE exhibition at Changsha Expo 2021

Zoomlion is once again showcasing its design and manufacturing capabilities at the fair in Changsha Expo. From observing the aftermath, one can conclude that technical thought is constantly moving forward. Every few months the manufacturer of mobile platforms surprises us with new models and continuous development. The Chinese company consistently strives to be the largest manufacturer in the sector construction machinery, cranes and AWP.

To heaven

Manufacturer unveiled world's tallest telescopic elevator ZT58J-V. The machine reaches a working height of 58.8 meters and a horizontal reach of 25.5 meters. Also visible at the fair were Zoomlion ZA12RJE-V, Zoomlion ZS0510C, Zoomlion ZS1012AC-Li As well as many other models.

Zoomlion ZA12RJE-V

Zoomlion ZT58J-V

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