Zoomlion Electric Telescopic Lift ZA14NJE Li

BAC POLSKA  offers for sale one of the most popular electric telescopic-articulated lifts Zoomlion ZA14NJE Li. It stands out from the competition with an increased lateral stiffness of 17% and an increased vertical stiffness of 40%. Zoomlion ZA14NJE Li articulating lift provides work at working height 16 m, Horizontal range exceeding the competition of 7.80 m and lifting capacity 230 kg.  Equipped as standard with non marking tires, swing axle to guarantee precise and safe operation.

The lift is equipped with a maintenance-free AC drive motor with a high-powered AC 32V/4hp providing high power, the use of a hydraulic pump motor with power is responsible for stable control AC 32V/7kw . In addition, Zoomlion ZA14NJE Li is equipped with. 48V/315Ah lithium iron phosphate batteries with 5 year battery warranty(we guarantee 80% capacity after 5 years). The use of this solution has translated into a very long lifter operation time per charge. With low noise, zero emissions and easy maintenance, this elevator is ideal for indoor applications.

If you are interested in purchasing, leasing or long-term rental of a lift, contact our sales department - our consultants will prepare an attractive commercial offer. Thanks to competitive financing terms, we can provide a very good leasing offer. Remember, we always have 100 Zoomlion lifts for sale available in our warehouse!

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Standard features of the Zoomlion ZA14NJE Li electric telescopic lift.

  • Proportional control
  • All motion alarms
  • Flashing orange warning light
  • Self-closing garbage can gate
  • Independent emergency lowering system
  • Main power switch
  • Automatic basket leveling system
  • On-board diagnostic system
  • Tilt protection system
  • Load detection system
  • 4.3" LED display
  • Horn
  • Swinging axis
  • Non-marking tires
  • Shields on the actuators
  • 48V/315Ah Li-ion battery
  • Safety bar in the basket


Working Height [m].

Lateral range [m].

Max. Load capacity [kg].

Weight [kg].



zoomlion 2 lithium batteries

Lithium Batteries - Zoomlion

No acid leakage from batteries to the ground

Economy, the lithium-ion battery is a maintenance-free battery,

that is, you are not interested in refilling distilled water for the next 10 years

No vapors coming out during charging

Rechargeable without harming the battery

Can be quickly fully charged in as little as 4 hours

lithium battery warranty is 5 years !!!

the efficiency of the batteries after 10 years of use is about 70%

Lithium batteries are designed for 4,000 charges, so this is a period of about 10 years

Ecology, 100% battery recycling

Lithium Batteries - 5 Year Warranty

Due to difficult working conditions and mistakes made by operators, standard platform batteries are difficult and inconvenient to use. The performance of standard platform batteries is greatly reduced by extended charging periods and long operating hours. This shortens their service life to 2.5 years. When this happens, the battery will not be able to operate continuously and delays may occur, which can result in additional costs for the renter and owner. Alternative lithium-ion batteries are available. These batteries are more efficient, charge faster and are lighter in weight. Zoomlion, the fastest growing manufacturer of lithium battery rigs, is investing heavily in innovation.

zoomlion lithium batteries

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