Zoomlion ZA16JERT Li 4×4 Electric Telescopic Lifter

Electric articulated lift ZA16JERT Li from the sales offer of BAC POLAND is the first field articulated lift with height 18 working m. What distinguishes this articulated lift is: high power, high field efficiency and stable design. It has an excellent power management system to extend operating time and Lithium battery life. Accurate and efficient driving system with AC motors provides high power and stable control. Motor advancement high power AC hydraulic pump  provides smooth and efficient control. ZA16JERT Li It is characterized by low noise levels, zero emissions, high power and high ground clearance, making it ideal for outdoor applications in difficult terrain or indoors. The lifter is also distinguished by its long operation on a single charge thanks to its lithium iron phosphate life PO4 or LFP battery with 5-year warranty.

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Zoomlion ZA16JERT Li is an elevator with excellent working parameters - working height of 18 meters, a horizontal range of 9,72 and lifting capacity 250 kg.

It's an electric-powered articulated telescopic lift that works well indoors as well as outdoors thanks to its highly efficient 4×4 AC drive and Lithium battery, plus it has off-road non marking tires.


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