We are the first to have Zoomlion brand (lithium-ion) scissor mobile platforms available

Pros of using lithium-ion batteries:

BAC Poland as official representative of the Zoomlion brand presents scissor lifts equipped with batteries of the series DC lithium-ion. DC Li models are available for purchase.

Zoomlion ZS0407DC Li, ZS0607DC Li, ZS0608DC Li, ZS0808DC Li, ZS1012DC Li, ZS1212DC Li, ZS1212DC Li, ZS1414DC Li.

We offer you to get acquainted with the most ecological and modern solution for power supply scissor lifts In lithium-ion technology batteries. Presenting the DC Li series of scissor platforms.

-Lithium-ion batteries can be discharged up to 90% capacity

- No maintenance costs due to the fact that they are maintenance-free

- long service life, which is defined as 7/8 years. The simultaneous loss of capacity of the batteries in a year is only 6% . Comparing them to acid batteries, which need to be replaced in 1/3 years, and annually the capacity can drop by as much as 40%

- Lithium-ion batteries can operate at temperatures from -20 degrees C. thanks to the heating and charging function. Acid batteries, unfortunately, are not adapted to such temperatures and lose their capacity very quickly

- Lithium-ion batteries are almost entirely recyclable which positively affects the environment

- The lithium-ion battery is a dry and sealed battery. It is a very safe solution for users

- Fast charging (4 hours) allows you to use the platform again quickly

- batteries can be recharged at any time and are not subject to damage

Lithium-ion battery

A battery management system was used BMS, Through which we have the following information:

- in real time

- warnings

- communications

- sustainable management


- balanced discharge

- real-time alert


- real-time adjustment

- interrupt controller

Zoomlion DC Li scissor mobile platforms equipped with lithium-ion batteries, compared to lifts equipped with acid batteries, have a much longer life and durability.

Tests conducted by BAC Polska On platforms with lithium-ion batteries Zoomlion ZS0607 DC Li 160AH and Zoomlion ZS0607DC 210Ah with acid batteries.

  • Test 50 meters of fast driving, 6 times with a load of 100 kg, 50 meters of slow driving is one cycle. Such cycles acid batteries perform 24, and in comparison Lithium-ion batteries as much as 50.

Performance comparison and analysis of acid and lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries used in Zoomlion scissor platforms:

1. 80AH for ZS0407DC/DC-Li

2. 160AH for ZS0607DC Li and ZS0808DC Li

3. 230AH for ZS1012DC Li,ZS1212DC Li,ZS1414DC Li

Zoomlion is a company with such advanced technology in the use of lithium-ion power producing thousands of platforms per month.

EVE Energy Co.Ltd, which supplies lithium-ion batteries, is a leading manufacturer supplying the automotive industry, producing thousands of units per month.

Products Zoomlion are characterized by excellent quality, modernity and eco-friendly solutions. Lithium-ion battery after 5 years has the same efficiency as new battery lead-acid.


BAC Poland offers electric scissor lifts by Zoomlion with lithium-ion power at very competitive prices.


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