BAC Polska offers ZT20J and ZA14J

ZT20J and ZA14J have arrived in Poland. The mobile platforms are available at sales, as well as rental.

Zoomlion ZT20J It has 454 kg of lifting capacity. Its control is smooth and gentle. The machine is characterized by a very solid structure, thus it is very stable. The model uses a combustion engine. The lift will prove itself when working on the hall or in the field.

Zoomlion ZA14J Thanks to its very solid construction, it is a very stable machine. We have a working reach of 15.80 m, while the horizontal reach is 7.70 m. The lifting capacity of the platform is 300 kg. It uses a Kubota 4-cylinder 39 kW engine. This model is equipped with foam-filled tires, which guarantees maintenance-free use.

Bac Zoomlion Za14j
BAC Poland Zoomlion ZA14J


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