Zoomlion ZS1623RT scissor lift for the first time at BAC Polska!

The long-awaited delivery of a diesel scissor lift has arrived. Zoomlion ZS1623RT will be available for sale and rental.

Lift Zoomlion ZS1623RT is now available in BAC Poland's extensive sales and rental offer. This model is the only available diesel scissor lift manufactured by the brand Zoomlion - a global manufacturer of construction machinery. The ZS1623RT is a true special-purpose machine because of its performance, which allows multitasking in demanding terrain.

Mobile platform for work at height

The mobile platform reaches a maximum working height of 18 meters, the best among all Zoomlion scissor lifts. Importantly, this height allows working at a ceiling reached by some telescopic models. The lifting capacity of the machine has been set at 680 kg, and this allows at least three workers to work together with additional loads (such as the elevation of building and construction materials).

The width of the platform is 2.3 m, while the length is as much as 4.88 m. With these platform parameters, you will be able to fit a variety of items without the slightest problem. Adding to this the possibility of extending by as much as an additional 1.3 m, the aerial lift becomes an extremely multifunctional machine. These dimensions, combined with 4×4 drive, make the equipment indispensable for all kinds of work at height in unpaved terrain. It is also worth noting that this is the only scissor lift by Zoomlion with all four-wheel drive.

To make working at height completely safe, the ZS1623RT has been equipped with stabilizing supports that ensure leveling when working in the field. Such a solution was used for the first time in the brand's lifts. The entrance to the platform is located in a slightly non-standard place. The platform will be accessed "from the side".

Innovative combustion engines

As we noted earlier, the Zoomlion ZS1623RT is Zoomlion's only diesel scissor lift. However, the manufacturer has ensured that the quality of workmanship is of the highest level. To this end, a Kubota Stage V engine has been installed, which reduces unfavorable substances emitted into the atmosphere. The global brand relies heavily on these engines, and they are proven in daily hard work. They can be found in the brand's telescopic platforms.

Feel free to contact our sales representatives to find out the price for this particular model. Zoomlion ZS1623RT is for sale and rental.

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