New model Zoomlion ZA20JERT-LI in BAC POLSKA for sale.

New in the offer of BAC POLSKA is presented model telescopic-articulated electric lift Zoomlion ZA20RJTE-LI

Characterized by a working height of 21.38 m , a horizontal reach of 12.1 m👉🚨 and most importantly 📣double lifting capacity of 👉250 kg /360 kg😮.

The distinguishing feature of our lift is the system of quick lowering of the arm from the upper position to 0 without the need to fold the entire machine.

Of course, let's not forget about the very efficient AC drive system, which in addition to being very efficient, precise and economical, combined with the most efficient lithium iron phosphate life PO4 or LFP 48V/315Ah battery on the market with a 5-year warranty guarantees long and trouble-free use.

zoomlion rt electric articulating boom lifts za20jert za20jert li Sale at BAC POLAND

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