New all-electric oil-free scissor lifts from Zoomlion ZS0407E , ZS0607E.

🚨Chinese manufacturer Zoomlion has announced two new "100% Electric, Zero Leaks" electric scissor lifts.

The new models are the ZS0407E and ZS0607E, both of which feature direct electric wheel drive, while using electric linear actuators to operate the steering and platform lift. Both units have a total width of 760 mm, the total length of the model is just 1.44 meters - putting it in the micro-scissor class - while the ZS0607E has a classic length of 1.85 meters. Both have a total storage height with raised handrails of more than two meters - 2.05 meters for the 14-footer and 2.2 meters for the 19-footer - but apparently they can be folded down relatively easily to 1.7 and 1.79 meters, respectively.

New ZS0407E

The ZS0407E has a 600-mm-long extendable platform, while the ZS0607E has a more typical 910-mm-long extension. The platform capacity is 240 kg and 230 kg, respectively. Both models are suitable for outdoor work, but with reduced platform heights, they provide working heights of 5.6 and 6.4 meters. Climbing capacity is 30 percent compared to 25 percent for the hydraulic versions.

Features include IP67-rated drive motors, a brushless maintenance-free DC lifting motor, a real-time lift height display - accurate to three percent - a load indicator with a live display of the actual load on the platform accurate to five percent.

New 1 ZS0607E All Electric

Access research and development manager Yi Zhong said: "Equipped with electric actuators to ensure zero leakage and emission-free operating conditions, these two models are specially designed for construction sites with strict environmental standards, such as dust-free workshops, data centers and libraries. In addition, their compact size allows them to move easily into narrow spaces, making indoor maintenance easier."

"The spirit of 'π', which stands for continuous innovation and excellent production, is a completely new R&D concept that Zoomlion is pursuing. We have seen the rapid deployment of green work platforms in workplaces, especially in the U.S. and European markets, so we have developed all-electric scissor lifts to provide quiet, clean and safe working conditions with long-lasting performance."

These two new models look great on paper and boast very high specifications, while offering minimal maintenance, long run time between loads, quieter operation and a cleaner machine without the need for absorbent pads or drip trays. The "oil-free" concept seems to be gaining popularity, at least on smaller platforms, but the speed of adoption will depend on the cost of purchase and the durability/reliability of the linear actuators.

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