Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li mobile platforms available in our offer!

The Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li is another model that is steadily gaining in popularity. The machines are available from BAC Poland and become available for sale and rental.

Zoomlion with its fleet of mobile platforms continues to grow. Machines of the global manufacturer are increasingly visible on the European market. In our branches located in almost all of Poland, there is also no shortage of green rises, which are the hallmark of the company.

The Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li telescopic mobile platform is the perfect solution for working at heights. The machine will be suitable for performing tasks outdoors, as well as indoors in warehouses or manufacturing plants.

za14je li
Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li available from BAC Poland

ZA14JE-Li perfect in every way

The Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li mobile platform is one of the many electric models available in our fleet. The lift is extremely quiet, so that work in urban centers will not be a nuisance to the immediate surroundings.

The ZA14JE-Li reaches a working height of 16 meters. This allows it to perform tasks at significant working heights. Combined with a horizontal reach reaching 7.5 meters, the machine becomes compact and suitable for work in hard-to-reach areas. The maximum lifting capacity of the platform is set at 230 kg, while the weight is set at 6800 kg.

Lithium batteries a sign of the future

This type of power supply is an increasingly common solution in various types of machinery. The popularity of "lithiums" is particularly evident in the automotive industry. Zoomlion in its mobile platforms is not afraid to bet on innovation, hence more and more models are just powered in this way.

The model in which we find a lithium battery is Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li. The use of this type of solution is characterized by zero emissions of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere. The battery has a number of advantages, including the fact that it discharges slowly, it can be quickly recharged at any time when needed, and it will not wear out excessively. The service life of such a battery is set at about ten years, which significantly "beats" the service life of a classic acid battery.

If you need an environmentally friendly yet durable mobile platform that will not let you down in various working conditions, ZA14JE-Li will be a great option!

Below is a video of the Zoomlion ZA14JE telescopic lifter (the model in the video was not equipped with a lithium battery).

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