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BAC Polska offers mobile platforms for sale and rental. Our machines have proven to be a support in many construction orders for many years. We enable cooperation tailored to the needs of the client.

Leader in the elevator industry

  • We have extensive experience in dealing with customers
  • We understand the Polish market very well, as we have been operating in it for less than 20 years
  • The Lower Silesian region is where we are the undisputed leader in the industry
  • We provide transportation to the indicated place
  • Machines from BAC Polska have repeatedly proven to be helpful in high-altitude work
  • The length of equipment rental is not important to us
  • We offer delivery of lifts for a short or indefinite period of time
  • Our high riders work at heights of up to 56 meters
  • At BAC Polska it is possible to rent a machine equipped with a lithium-ion battery
  • For the past two years, we have been an authorized dealer of the Zoomlion brand
  • We are in constant contact with this manufacturer
  • We will deliver the rented mobile platform when the work begins
  • We deliver the lifts in no time, thanks to our extensive transport fleet
  • We have a mobile service that professionally removes emergent failures
  • Our service technicians are in constant contact with the customer
  • The rental service at BAC Polska is very transparent
  • Avoid unnecessary bureaucracy
  • We rent most scissor and telescopic lifts "off-the-shelf"
  • We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer

We offer the best rental in the country

We are constantly expanding our network of contacts with new clients. We are characterized by an individual approach to each application, full professionalism, conscientiousness, punctuality and responsibility. We make every effort to make the rental of a mobile platform extremely pleasant for the contractor. With us, the cooperation carried out is flexible, as we are able to handle rentals starting from one day up to an indefinite period of time.

We offer you competitive prices. We have reliable platforms under manufacturer's warranty, tailored to the needs of the renter. If you want to rent a lift cheaply for a one-time task, we will offer a proven machine for work at height. However, if an innovative and modern platform is important to you, we will offer an ecological model that does not emit harmful compounds into the atmosphere.

Don't be afraid to give us a call! Feel free to contact us by phone, as well as by email or contact form for a personalized quote. All your elevator questions are kept up to date and not left unanswered. Don't delay and experience comprehensive services at the highest level!

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Daniel Augustyn
Branch, Service and UDT Manager

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    Legnica is a city located in southwestern Poland. The town is the third most populous in the region, second only to such agglomerations as Wrocław and Walbrzych. Two expressways run close to the city -. A4 freeway and the road S3 expressway. Thanks to the functioning of the road network, from Legnica we can reach various directions - north, south, east and west - without the slightest problem.

    Thus, a trip to Dresden and Berlin (west) should not take more than three hours. We will reach Wroclaw in less than an hour, while heading south, going to Jelenia Gora or Walbrzych, we will arrive in about an hour. In turn, heading north to Zielona Gora or Poznan, the trip should not take long, we will be there in about two hours. All this makes Legnica an excellent place for new projects.

    The city has been thriving for more than 20 years Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSSE). Plants and jobs are constantly being built there for many residents of the area. Passing the emerging developments, one can without the slightest problem spot mobile platforms, which turn out to support the construction or modernization of facilities. And there is no shortage of these, especially since the city has recently been using the once functioning airport to expand the industrial and warehouse area.

    Moving eastward from Legnica you will reach Wroclaw, the capital of the province. From there, it is no problem to move to the farthest corners of Europe through the functioning of the Wroclaw Airport S.A.

    Aerial Work Platform Legnica

    Project implementation is much simpler with the right construction support. Thus, we emphasize that Renting aerial work platforms is possible at BAC Polska at a good price. We provide customers with a wide range of machines. In our company every entrepreneur will find high-quality equipment for work.

    However, if you do not have experience in renting lifts - nothing to worry about. Our qualified staff of specialists will help match the lift so that the tasks performed will be completed quickly and safely.

    If you want to rent equipment for work at height, but are apprehensive about the whole procedure, contact our staff. They are well aware of the realities of renting. We will dispel all doubts, guarantee professional service for aerial work platforms in case of an unforeseen malfunction. We have been a leader in the construction machinery segment for many years.

    Mobile Platform Rental Legnica

    We are constantly adapting to customers, offering machine rentals for short or long periods, among others. With the rental service, each person has the option to choose a mobile platform, and these are divided into scissor and telescopic.

    The type of power supply for our equipment is extremely important. We have a wide selection in this area and offer Renting a construction machine that is equipped with a lithium-ion battery or a diesel engine.

    We offer lifts that are extremely environmentally friendly - they emit no or very little harmful substances into the atmosphere due to the use of Kubota Stage V internal combustion engine.

    Lift Rental Legnica

    Construction of industrial halls, storage spaces, new work areas - these are just a few of the many jobs you can do with a BAC Polska lift. Learn about our machine rental service and enjoy fast and hassle-free completion of your projects.

    Tasks such as maintenance of hanging elements, lighting repair, roof retrofitting, painting walls and ceilings or facade cleaning will not be intimidated with the elevator. Find out right now how multitasking mobile platforms can be.

    The price of renting a lift

    The rental cost depends on the type of machine being rented. A newer lift, equipped with numerous safety systems or an innovative means of power supply, will be more expensive than equipment not equipped with this. The price will also be affected by the time we have to send the lift to its destination. In this case, we always encourage you to take advantage of the long-term rental option.

    Electric basket lift

    BAC Polska's fleet of mobile platforms is very rich, and this is evidenced by the number of machines powered in this way. We can divide the available models by category, but it is extremely important that we have many aerial lifts powered without the need to refuel. There is a choice of platforms equipped with a lead-acid battery, as well as a lithium-ion battery.

    The advantage of basket platforms is the quietness of their operation. Another plus for them is that they do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Adding 4×4 drive, these machines prove to be an innovative solution for work on various surfaces.

    Best machine for project implementation

    For many years, mobile platforms have been an integral element in the creation of buildings or erecting structures. Almost every company that decides to carry out a project invests in lifts as a remarkable convenience in the process of finalizing orders.

    The elevators provided by BAC Polska are characterized by a high lifting capacity so that three operators can be on the platform, sometimes with an additional load. All this, combined with the maximum working height of these machines, makes the elevators significantly speed up the time of works performed on significant ceilings from the ground.

    Questions and answers

    All. Each available mobile platform is shipped to its destination.

    Feel free to contact our staff. They will help match professional equipment to the indicated needs.

    The branch in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska covers the entire region and neighboring provinces (Opolskie, Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie).

    Yes, more than once. We have a lot of experience working with companies in this part of the country.

    We fix defects "on the spot", and arrive at the site of the failure in no time.

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