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Need a lift at an attractive price? BAC Polska has an extensive fleet of boom lifts including aerial work platforms and scissor lifts.

Take advantage of easy lift rentals

  • Boomers provided by BAC Polska always have up-to-date UDT tests
  • We have an extensive fleet of lifts
  • We have diesel-powered or electric-powered booms
  • Our lifts can be divided into telescopic and scissor lifts
  • We have lithium battery-powered uprights
  • BAC Polska is an authorized distributor of the Zoomlion brand
  • Our lifting equipment is the best in the area
  • Our own low-loader transport allows us to deliver the skips to the customer
  • We have an extensive fleet of service vehicles
  • We reach the customer in the blink of an eye
  • We guarantee hassle-free delivery of equipment to the address specified by the customer
  • Those interested in cooperation can contact our representatives from morning to evening
  • We operate throughout Poland
  • Our working region is the Silesian Voivodeship
  • The machine will be ready when the customer starts work
  • We'll fit the Gliwice-based companies with an uplift
  • An aerial lift from BAC Polska is the best possible choice!

Ask us about upscaling

BAC Polska offers many types of skips for work in closed and open areas. We operate nationwide and in the Silesian province, providing expert service and the best advice. Renting machines from our company is a good opportunity to enjoy the equipment while doing work. We provide machines with different lifting capacities and working heights. Don't delay, call us at the tel number given below. We will prepare the best rental offer!

+48 506 179 469

Mariusz Pilis
Branch, Service and UDT Manager

+48 957 529 277


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    Lift Gliwice

    We have lifts with different working heights, weights and capacities. We provide low-loader transport, with which we will deliver the lift to the specified address without any problems!

    We offer customers different machines depending on the type of work to be done. We offer equipment rental on a short-term and long-term basis.

    The machine's maximum lifting capacity makes it possible to do a lot of work at heights. Our high risers can lift to heights of more than 20 meters, so operating the equipment when building roofs is not a problem.

    Boom lift Gliwice Rental

    The aerial lifts from BAC Polska are the best possible choice! We are an authorized dealer of the Zoomlion brand. There is no shortage of step-ups in our range of machines, which we allocate to individual and fleet customers.

    We have scissor lifts and basket lifts. BAC Polska offers attractive prices for equipment rental. We operate throughout the country. Check the offer!

    You can use our machines when erecting or maintaining buildings, as well as in parks and dense housing, since some models feature zero emissions.

    mobile platforms rental gliwice
    rollers rental gliwice

    Boom lift Gliwice Price

    Boomers with different lifting capacities and working heights at BAC Polska. If you are unsure about the provision of services by other companies, contact us! Qualified staff will help match the machine to your needs.

    We have been successfully operating in the Polish market for many years. We provide high rises in the Silesian province and in the area of all over Poland - And all this at a good price! See for yourself that renting skips in the Gliwice area is very easy!

    Telescopic Lift Gliwice

    BAC Polska has a number of telescopic booms in its fleet, which can be divided into electric and diesel. Some electric models are powered by lithium batteries.

    The telescopic boom will be perfect for outdoor work. The maximum working height and side overhang of these machines allow work on steel structures, window cleaning, replacement of advertising banners, facade cleaning, roofing work or tree trimming, among others.

    telescopic boom lift gliwice
    scissor lift gliwice

    Scissor lift Gliwice

    Scissor lifts at BAC Polska are the best possible option! We have machines for short-term and long-term rental. We will take care of the lift and deliver it to the customer!

    Selected models available from us move on wheels or tracks. Match the equipment to your needs or contact our staff!

    Why rent lifts from BAC Polska?

    The best possible service only with us! Get to know our offer!

    Questions and answers

    Welcome to our question and answer section. Here you can learn more about BAC Poland and our machines.

    One of the branches of BAC Polska is located in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The convenient location of the company allows us to perform work throughout the Silesian province. In addition, the prices of our machines are attractive to the customer. We strongly encourage you to get acquainted with our equipment.

    Although one of our branches is located in Dąbrowa Górnicza, we are not limited to working in this city or region. BAC's employees are able to deliver a lift to neighboring cities and anywhere in Poland. The company's reach includes such cities as Białystok, Gdańsk, Kielce, Kraków or Rzeszów.

    It depends on the customer's needs, each skidder has its own advantages. Before renting, ask yourself what kind of work the aerial lift will be used for. If you are not sure which machine will work better for the job you need to do, contact us! Representatives of BAC Poland are waiting to call you and help you choose the right equipment.

    Some of Zoomlion's uprights are equipped with lithium batteries and are ideal for indoor work. These include both scissor and telescopic models. The advantage of lithium batteries is their extended service life, which reaches ten years of continuous operation. Another benefit of having this type of power supply is that machines equipped with lithium batteries can be recharged at will, and they will not degrade anyway.

    Zoomlion skid steer rental is possible as much as possible, but our range of machines does not lack other brands of global manufacturers, i.e. JLG, Genie, Liftlux, Holland Lift, Denka Lift, Haulotte - we adapt to the customer's needs!

    Gliwice is one of the largest cities in the Silesian province. The city is located near A4 freeways in the western part of Silesian Conurbation. The convenient location means that many companies from various industries are planning their investments in the region.

    In the immediate region of the city there is no shortage of warehouses or manufacturing plants. The industrial subzone makes the region develop dynamically. The Subzone includes such cities as Bytom, Głuchołazy, Gogolin, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Kietrz, Knurów, Krapkowice, Lubliniec, Olesno, Rudziniec, Strzelce Opolskie, Ujazd, Zabrze.

    Numerous workplaces established in the region are in need of high rises, which are becoming an indispensable tool in the still ongoing construction and finishing work.

    Booster price

    The sales representatives of BAC Polska make sure that the provided uplifts within the city of Gliwice are attractively priced. The cost of renting a machine in the region depends largely on the type of equipment to be delivered and the length of time for which the lift is to be used.

    Hire the right machine

    We provide many machines for customers, even forklifts. Just contact our sales representatives. Qualified people will help comprehensively select a machine to meet the needs of the renter.

    Boomers from BAC Polska will prove themselves in multitasking work. We have machines adapted for outdoor work (4×4 drive, large horizontal overhang and use of Kubota Stage V engines) and indoor work (powered by a lithium battery with zero emissions).

    Aerial work platform rental

    Renting an aerial lift is possible at BAC Polska. We have a very extensive fleet of equipment in the Silesian region and throughout Poland. Our machines are either diesel or electric powered. It should be noted that this is an excellent choice for working at height because the aerial lift services you can perform are not limited to a single operator.

    Rental of skips without operator

    We have a very extensive fleet of skips that we allocate to customers. However, please note that we provide our machines without an operator, both electric models (including lithium-ion battery) and diesel models.

    >> We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rental offer in the city of Katowice

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