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We offer mobile platforms at attractive prices. Our machines are characterized by reliability, safety and the highest quality.

The benefits of working with BAC Polska

  • We are an authorized dealer of the Zoomlion brand for mobile platforms in Poland
  • The fleet of machines available at BAC Polska is very extensive
  • We have many aerial lifts
  • Most of our machines are powered by a lithium-ion battery
  • Some diesel-powered platforms use Kubota Stage V engine
  • We provide machines on hand
  • With us it is possible to rent equipment for short-term and long-term periods
  • We have an extensive transport fleet
  • We have a qualified service
  • Road problems are not terrible for us, our vehicles are equipped with navigation and CB radio
  • Our team of sales representatives is constantly at the customer's disposal
  • We are able to deliver the mobile platform to the indicated location, in no time at all
  • BAC Polska is a leader in the industry
  • We have less than 20 years of experience
  • We offer attractive prices
  • We will match the machine to the development of the investment
  • Our company has already been trusted by thousands of enterprises
  • All of our lifts have current UDT tests
  • BAC Polska operates throughout Poland

Ask about the mobile platform

If you need a mobile platform for construction or finishing work, contact us. We can help you and at the same time instantly solve problems with the selection of suitable equipment. With us, cooperation is very easy and pleasant. Thousands of companies have trusted us, let yours be the next. Check out the offer!

We are a leader in the industry, we provide comprehensive services. We operate in Silesia and throughout Poland. Our branch, which is located in Dabrowa Gornicza, will deliver a platform to the indicated place very quickly. Do not delay and get acquainted with what we have prepared for you. With us, elevator services will be easy and pleasant.

Don't let renting a platform be a problem. However, if you are still hesitant and don't know which model will be suitable for the job, don't be afraid to call us. We'll help you match the equipment and provide you with a full quote for your lift rental.

+48 506 179 469

Mariusz Pilis
Branch, Service and UDT Manager

+48 957 529 277


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    mobile platform czestochowa

    Mobile platform Częstochowa

    BAC Polska provides mobile platforms that are suitable for a variety of jobs. Our machines have been supporting operators in their daily tasks for many years.

    We will deliver the rented mobile platform to the customer, just specify the delivery address. We operate throughout the Silesian province and in the immediate vicinity. Do not delay and take advantage of our offer and attractive prices.

    Lift Rental Częstochowa

    The location of our machines does not matter. The equipment provided by BAC Polska is characterized by the fact that it achieves a very high maximum working height, lateral reach and lifting capacity. With a rented platform just from us, the work will be easy and safe.

    We also provide Czestochowa companies with small platforms that are extremely compact. There is no shortage of models in our fleet that will support in small spaces.

    Each type of platform has up-to-date tests of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). We act in a regulatory manner, with the aim of guaranteeing our customers maximum safety when performing various types of work. We are able to deliver each machine instantly to the contractor.

    lift rental czestochowa
    high rises in częstochowa

    Booms in Częstochowa

    Do you do multitasking work that requires focus and a lot of attention? Our machines are suitable for both outdoor and indoor work, so any specialist will be able to complete the job.

    If you don't know exactly what you should rent, contact us. Our sales representatives are at your disposal. We will match the equipment to the type of work to be done, and the plus is that we will add a good price to the rental.

    Scissor lift rental Częstochowa

    BAC Polska is the best rental company, which has a very wide range of products. With us, there is no shortage of scissor lifts, which are powered by diesel or electric. Some models are equipped with a lithium-ion battery. Such a solution is steadily gaining popularity.

    "Scissors" by Zoomlion are designed for all customers - rent them for a short or longer indefinite period of time. These platforms work up to 16 meters. They can easily be used indoors or in large urban clusters, as they are fully electric.

    scissor lift rental czestochowa
    aerial lift rental in częstochowa

    Aerial Work Platform Rental in Częstochowa

    Want to provide aerial lift services? It's not difficult. With the use of this equipment you will complete many orders and perform minor repair and maintenance work. These platforms are often used in maintenance departments.

    We have electric or diesel-powered aerial work platforms. In addition, some of the machines are equipped with non-marking tires (non-marking). So you can use the equipment on new ground indoors without worry.

    Questions and answers

    BAC Polska has been growing dynamically for many years, and this is particularly evident in Silesia. The company covers the entire region, offering equipment there to support operators. We encourage you to read the questions and answers section.

    We have a very extensive fleet of mobile platforms, plus we rely on years of experience. We are able to adapt to customer expectations. Thousands of companies have already trusted us.

    No. We have an extensive fleet of machines, so we deliver orders almost on the spot. We are able to bring selected models to the indicated address the same day. Do not delay, get acquainted with the offer of BAC Polska for mobile platforms.

    Yes, we have such models. Thanks to the fact that BAC Polska is the exclusive dealer of the Zoomlion brand for mobile platforms in Poland, we are able to offer customers machines made by a global manufacturer. The power supply of these batteries is steadily gaining in popularity, and our company allocates just such equipment to its contractors. Lithium-ion batteries can be found in various lifts.

    All employees are at your service. We will respond to every telephone and e-mail inquiry, regardless of the branch to which it is directed. However, the Silesian region is ultimately handled by BAC Polska Dabrowa Gornicza, and it is the employees of this branch who will deliver the rented machine and provide assistance.

    The advantages are many. Mobile platforms improve the execution of construction, modernization and finishing tasks. Having such equipment in your possession, you can easily perform tasks in hard-to-reach places, far from the ground. The machine can also be easily used indoors and outdoors. Self-propelled platforms in many cases are able to replace a ladder, being a much safer solution.

    Czestochowa is located in the northern part of the Silesian province, between Katowice and Lodz. Not far from the city is the Katowice International Airport in Pyrzowice and the expressway - A1 highway, connecting the north of Poland with the south.

    The city is an important point on the map of our country. From the region it is not a problem to get south to the Silesian Conurbation, Where numerous urban centers are located in high density. And in the opposite - northern direction - one can easily move to the central part of the country, including Warsaw and Lodz.

    The city's convenient location makes investors eagerly choose to open their businesses here. With each construction warehouses, production facilities, storage halls etc., machines are needed to support both the creation and maintenance process.

    Ideally for such work are mobile platforms, which replace other - somewhat outdated - solutions. A rented machine during construction provides safety and comfort. It significantly improves the performance of tasks in hard-to-reach places.

    BAC Polska with its offer is the leader in Silesia!

    Booms for hire

    The offer prepared by BAC Polska is extremely attractive. We make available the uplifts in Czestochowa, which are tailored to the preferences and needs of the client. We provide transportation throughout Poland and, most importantly, throughout the Silesian region.

    For us, it does not matter for how long you want to rent a mobile platform. We are able to offer equipment for a period of time up to one day, up to an indefinite period of time. Most importantly, the cooperation is at favorable prices for the customer.

    Czestochowa and the surrounding area is a region where the word "investment" is increasingly spoken and conjugated by cases. The area is developing dynamically, and this would not be possible without proper construction support. It is not without reason that BAC Polska offers its machines here. Many investors have already convinced themselves of this.

    Aerial work platform rental price

    BAC Polska offers boom lifts Czestochowa at prices that beat the proposal of the competition. See for yourself that the investment associated with renting a boom lift with our company is the best possible option. Click HERE, to be redirected to the category where you will learn about our machines.

    Rent Częstochowa. Mobile platforms for enterprises

    We are able to allocate many mobile platforms at a time. If you run a company and need rises in the region of Silesia and beyond, contact our sales representatives. We will adjust the offer so that the rental is at a favorable price.

    We address our offer to both large and small companies. We are committed to ensuring that cooperation is associated with mutual satisfaction!

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