Installations Fair 2022

25.04.2022 - 27.04.2022

BAC Poland from 25.04.2022 - 27.04.2022 was an exhibitor at the Installations Fair 2022. The event was organized by the Poznań International Fair, which once again held an event bringing together companies from the installation and industrial sectors.


Lifters for Installations 2022

We are extremely happy that we were able - as BAC Poland - to present mobile platforms of the world construction machinery manufacturer Zoomlion. The exhibition did not lack telescopic and scissor lifts. Visitors had the opportunity to see the mobile platforms with their own eyes. Get to know the principle of their operation. Find out in which places it is best to use them. Most of the lifts available at the fair were powered by an innovative lithium-ion battery. There was also one lift moving on caterpillar tracks. A total of 8 lifts were on display at our exhibition.

Escalators presented at Installations 2022:

Zoomlion ZS0610Crawler

Zoomlion ZS0407DC

Zoomlion ZS0407DC-Li

Zoomlion ZS1012DC-Li

Zoomlion ZS0608DC

Zoomlion ZS1414DC-Li

Zoomlion ZS0607ACW-Li

Zoomlion ZA14JE-Li


Fairs and Exhibitions in Poland!

Zoomlion mobile platforms continue to gain popularity

Remarkably, for the three days of the fair, we did not have to worry about a lack of work. Attendance - as usual - on the occasion of such events was good. Many visitors to the Poznan International Fair, decided to visit our stand, which was already striking from afar, thanks to the mobile platforms reaching great heights.

Our sales representatives had their hands full. You could see on their faces the joy of being able to passionately talk about the lifts, which are very popular among visitors - Hubert, Marcin, thank you!

We are pleased that during the Installations Fair 2022 we were able to establish new collaborations, expand our rich network of contacts and integrate with you.

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