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BAC Polska has been providing lifts at attractive prices for many years. This time our proposal is aimed at entrepreneurs and companies from the Małopolska province.

Who are we and what are the benefits of working with us?

  • We are an industry leader in mobile platforms, lifts and loaders
  • We rely on years of experience
  • We offer aerial work platforms and scissor lifts
  • With us, renting a lift will not be a problem
  • Many of our mobile platforms are electrically powered
  • The machines are equipped with an innovative lithium battery
  • We allocate platforms for short term and long term
  • Our transport fleet allows us to deliver the lift directly to the customer
  • We have many service vehicles
  • We reach the customer, anywhere!
  • We will deliver the lift when needed
  • Our sales representatives will help match the mobile platform to the customer's needs
  • We are very competitive
  • We operate throughout Poland
  • Our mobile platforms have been tested by the Office of Technical Inspection
  • BAC Polska is an experienced rental company of mobile platforms

Ask for the best machine

BAC Polska is growing dynamically, thanks to this we are able to offer mobile platforms, among other things, for Krakow entrepreneurs. With us, renting a machine, including lifts and mobile platforms is fast and comfortable. We tailor our offers to the needs of the client and the specific job site. We are committed to exemplary cooperation and mutual satisfaction.

If you are an operator and need an aerial lift or other equipment for your work, don't delay! Our sales representatives will propose a mobile platform tailored to your needs. You can count on an attractive price and transport to the indicated place. Call now and see for yourself that the operation of our mobile platforms is extremely easy and pleasant!

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Mariusz Pilis
Branch, Service and UDT Manager

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    Aerial Work Platform Rental Krakow

    Many aerial lifts are available from BAC Polska. We make these machines available on a short-term and long-term basis at prices that are attractive to the customer. We have lifts with different maximum working heights.

    We will adapt the aerial lift to the needs of the person renting the machine. Our fleet of mobile platforms is very extensive. This sets us apart from our competitors. If you are thinking: aerial lift rental, then only BAC Polska!

    The aerial lift services you can perform are window cleaning, facade cleaning, maintenance of equipment at heights or tree trimming.

    Scissor lift rentals Krakow

    We have scissor lifts mostly powered by electricity. Some models are equipped with a lithium-ion battery. This is another solution that greatly distinguishes us from other companies providing their mobile platforms.

    Renting lifts from BAC Polska is extremely beneficial because we will deliver the machine to the address you specify. We want to take care of the customer and create the right working conditions. Do not delay and take advantage of what we have prepared.

    The range of services we offer is vast. We are a support for the construction industry. With us, you can ensure your safety and create convenient conditions for other workers at height. So if you want to handle orders for various types of work and be competitive in the industry at the same time, contact us! High rise services are tailored to your investment!

    Boom Rental Krakow

    Various types of mobile platforms are available in many branches located throughout the country. Check out the proposal of our ski lift rental company, while learning about our wide range of telescopic and scissor models. We are an authorized dealer of the Zoomlion brand.

    Our machines will work well for both outdoor and indoor work. For our platforms, the surface is not important. The high-altitude equipment we make available to our customers beats the offers offered by our competitors.

    Many of our models are equipped with non-marking tires and 4×4 drives. This makes our mobile platforms suitable for work where cleanliness must be maintained without dirtying the floor on the shop floor or in the warehouse, among others, as well as in difficult, unpaved terrain where two-axle drive is required.

    Mobile platform Krakow

    We are constantly increasing our fleet of mobile platforms, because we are committed to having as many satisfied customers as possible. We offer many aerial lifts at attractive prices! You will find that our models will improve your work at height, proving themselves in maintenance work, among other things.

    However, if the customer decides that he is more in need of another model than the one offered by us - no problem! Rental and sale of telescopic and scissor lifts is possible at BAC Polska. We will provide machines for a period of time from one day to indefinite (several years).

    Rental of Rack Rider Krakow Price

    BAC Polska proposes high rises in Krakow, first of all, at an attractive price. In addition - which is extremely important for us - we guarantee a professional approach to the client who decides to cooperate with us. We are able to deliver all machines on the territory of Krakow and its surroundings.

    The price of the mobile platform is dictated, among other things, by what type of lift is to be rented and for how long. Contact us directly or through the contact form, and you will see that cooperation with us is very beneficial for the customer!

    Questions and answers

    Our questions and answers section helps to dispel all doubts. We have prepared some useful information about the mobile platforms available in our wide range of products.

    The total cost depends on many factors. Among other things, it depends on how long the lift is to go to the customer. It is also extremely important what type of mobile platform is to be rented. If the lift is to be a small, compact one, the price will certainly be lower. On the other hand, if the client needs a lift with a large maximum working height with the use of additional features, then the cost of renting the machine may increase.

    It is difficult to clearly determine the price of such a lift. Among other things, it depends on which model the customer decides on. We have platforms slightly older and newer with the use of an innovative lithium-ion battery. Of course, the maximum working height and lifting capacity of the machine will be important, as well as how long the customer needs the lift for.

    Yes. BAC Polska provides transportation to the customer in the area, no matter what locality it may be.

    We are able to provide a lift "off-the-shelf". We have an extensive fleet of mobile platforms and this makes us extremely competitive.

    Some models of our lifts were originally equipped with a lithium-ion battery. This solution is heavily relied upon by Zoomlion, a global brand of construction machinery, including mobile platforms, of which we are an authorized dealer in Poland. This type of power supply has a number of advantages. By being powered by a lithium-ion battery, the mobile platform does not lose the quality of its work, plus it is environmentally friendly.
    - The battery can be recharged at any time without worrying about excessive degradation
    - The service life is specified at about 4,000 charges, allowing use for a period of 10 years
    - an elevator powered by such a battery is extremely quiet
    - no environmentally harmful substances are discharged during operation

    We do not provide equipment for this amount of time. The minimum time is 1 day.

    Krakow is one of the largest cities in Poland. In recent years, many new investments have been made there making the locality an important point for entrepreneurs. In the immediate vicinity of the agglomeration there are many new companies, factories, production halls and warehouses.

    With many expressways in the immediate vicinity of Krakow, the region is growing rapidly. A4 Motorway connects the region to the west (Silesia, Opole and Lower Silesia provinces) and east of Poland (Podkarpackie province). In addition, the construction of S52 expressway and S7 expressway Improved transportation around the city, and Kraków-Balice International Airport.

    BAC Polska meets the growing expectations of customers and provides mobile platforms in the region. All machines offered by our company are perfect for construction and finishing works at heights. The Polish-Dutch company has already been trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs, deciding to rent a lift for the construction of new investments.

    Aerial work platform rental

    A wide range of aerial work platforms puts us among the leaders in this industry. Our platforms are either electrically or diesel powered. Each solution meets the expectations of our clients, facilitating work at heights.

    We have aerial work platforms powered by diesel engines, among others. Some models use the innovative and reliable Kubota Stage V engine. Electric drive is also a proven solution for strenuous daily work. As is, by the way, the steadily gaining popularity of platforms equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

    Rental of skips

    If you need to rent a lift to perform services, do not think too long and use the offer prepared by BAC Polska. Our machines are a guarantee of reliability, which translates into subsequent customer satisfaction. The lifts available from us will prove themselves in difficult, multi-tasking work at height.

    Renting a mobile platform at an attractive price is possible right here with us. Our equipment will prove useful for the construction of large buildings and for small construction and finishing works. You can use the rented lift for both outdoor and indoor work.

    Rental in Krakow

    If you have been wondering what kind of machine would be suitable when building a facility, we suggest that a moving platform would be an excellent solution. Our equipment is reliable and extremely compact. The multifunctionality of our lifts solves many problems when working at heights. Find out that our mobile platforms are the best when creating new investments in the capital of the Malopolska province.

    Lifters are extremely safe devices. All our machines have up-to-date examinations of the Office of Technical Inspection. Why look further? Rent a mobile platform at BAC Polska!

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