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Our company is the best skip rental company. We are based on years of experience, offering attractive rental prices. Find out that renting a mobile platform is best with us!

For many years we have specialized in Rental and sale of elevators. Thousands of customers have already trusted us, opting for the upscale of our company. We are extremely competitive due to the distribution of branches. Convenient location in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, in Wroclaw, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Piotrków Trybunalski allows us to reach and effectively operate anywhere in Poland. Do you want to check out our machines? Don't delay!

Aerial lift rental price

If you are considering aerial lift rental, then you have come to a great place. BAC Polska is a leader in the industry of step-ups and offers this type of machinery for customers. With us it is possible to short term rental and long-term. The price of renting aerial work platforms is largely determined by what maximum lift height the machine reaches and how much lifting capacity it has. The cost of rental will also be affected by the length of time for which the platform is to be rented.

Among the advantages of the aerial work platform is that during the service of a given job, the self-propelled platform is able to handle two operators at a considerable height, making their work easier. Thanks to its dimensions, the machine will be stable, so workers can perform tasks at considerable distances from the ground without worry.

Boom lift rental price list

We can divide our uplifts that we allocate to customers into scissors, articulated and telescopic. All models have current UDT inspections. The prices of the lifts made available for rent are once again dependent on how high the platform reaches and the length of time the machine is to be rented. In the case of telescopic lifts, the side overhang will also be important. Typically, scissor lifts have greater mobility, but reach a lower maximum working height than telescopic or articulating lifts and rental price may be lower.

Rental of a lift truck price

Before scheduling work at heights, we encourage you to contact our staff. Although BAC Polska's fleet of elevators is extensive, to be safe, we suggest contacting us in advance so that we can prepare a machine for hire. This is especially true for long-term rentals that last longer than one month. We would like to remind you that we have many lifts From various manufacturers. Our machines are characterized by reliability. We have the lifts available on hand and are able to provide them at a favorable price. We do not offer rental of lifts by the hour. The rental period is possible from one day up to three years. You will find that the price list for renting a boom lift is affordable for the customer.

If you want to rent and at the same time guarantee comfortable work for your employees, rent a lift from us! This is an excellent investment, so you can expertly carry out various orders. There can be two operators in the basket, so renting a boom lift is particularly cost-effective. Employees can lift themselves to the height indicated by the manufacturer of a particular lift.

Elevator rental price list

Lift rental We offer throughout Poland, providing transportation directly to the customer. We are able to prepare the machine according to the expectations of the person renting the equipment. We have lifts, which are powered by innovative lithium-ion battery, as well as an internal combustion engine - Kubota Stage V. We encourage all companies to take advantage of long-term rental, because then the price of the rented lift will be lower.

Boom lift rental price

Our upsells, that we allocate for rental have different sales values. Prices start in the range of 8,300 euros (Zoomlion lifts). So if buying a lift is beyond your means or you don't need an exclusive lift, we suggest using a rental service. You will find that our pricing is attractive to the customer. Feel free to contact us!

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