Integration trip to Prague

From 10.06 to 12.06 BAC Polska employees and their accompanying persons spent a weekend in Prague. There was no shortage of sightseeing, attractions and fun in the Czech capital!

Every year BAC Poland's management organizes a team-building trip for employees and their families. Last year we had a great time in Lubniewice at Magic Camp [more HERE], and in this we had the opportunity to admire Prague - the capital of the Czech Republic.

Friday: boat cruise on the Vltava River and integration

We found out how beautiful this city is already on the first day, right after our arrival. The first attraction and an excellent opportunity for integration was a cruise on the Vltava River, the river that divides the historic city into two parts. From the deck of the cruise ship we could admire: Hradcany, Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad, the Old Town and other historic buildings located on the banks of the river. In such an entourage, the integration was excellent, because let's add that we didn't all know each other before going to the Czech Republic. Our branches are located in different corners of Poland - in Kostrzyn on the Oder, Wrocław, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Piotrków Trybunalski.


The boat cruise - despite the excellent fun - was only a foretaste of what awaited us later. Later in the day there was free time, and each of us could plan and see what we wanted. And since Prague especially in the evening looks great, there was no shortage of beautiful sights!

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Saturday: Hradčany Castle and Paradise Gardens

After such an interesting first day in Prague, everyone was looking forward to the next day. Certainly no one could feel disappointed with Saturday, as we started the day with a tour of Prague and Hradčany, the "royal" district of Prague, which is truly beautiful. We started our tour of this historic part of the city with a visit to Hradčany Square, then - already with a guide - we saw Matthias Gate, where the changing of the guard took place evenly at 10:00 am.

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The next point of the guided tour was to enter the square, where St. Vitus Cathedral, among others, is located. The building itself is incredibly impressive, and what is extremely interesting is its workmanship, as sandstone, which is not in short supply in the Czech Republic, was used in its construction. The use of this type of rock, combined with the size of the building and the quality of workmanship with attention to every detail, makes the cathedral very impressive. Anyway, the interior is also impressive - the arches and wide windows, combined with the historical decoration, were breathtaking from the very moment you stepped inside. A walk through the cathedral gives you the opportunity to see the chapels that were built in different eras. One of the most popular is the Chapel of St. Wenceslas.

The next part of the tour was Hradcany Castle and Paradise Gardens, from where you can see a panorama of almost all of Prague - the view is truly amazing. In addition, each of us had the opportunity to admire the Golden Street, where there are historic houses, resembling with their size rather miniature buildings than other structures known to us. The atmosphere of the place reflects one hundred percent where we are, as care has been taken to decorate the rooms appropriately.

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After visiting Hradčany, we walked across the Charles Bridge so that each of us could see perhaps the greatest symbol of Prague, which connects two historic districts to each other - the castle and the old town. After walking across the bridge, each of us was given free time to explore what we wanted. Some went under the Prague Astronomical Clock, while others went in the opposite direction to the Petrin Tower, which in its shape resembles the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

Sunday: Museum of Technology

For the last day of our stay in Prague, the management of BAC Poland organized an excursion to the National Museum of Technology. The choice of this place was not accidental, as many of our employees are passionate about technology in the broadest sense and the essence of the functioning of various devices. During the tour we were able to see locomotives, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles, all from another era. In addition, many already antique devices awaited us, i.e. cameras and a television studio.

Visiting and seeing all these exhibits gave us a lot of fun. Everyone watched with great curiosity the devices and machines that used to be an innovation in everyday life. Observing what was presented in the museum, one can see with the naked eye the progress and how the world has changed over a dozen or more years. After the tour, each of us set off on our return trip, the length of which depended on the location of the branch.

But the most important thing is that each of us arrived safely at our destination and in excellent moods. One thing is certain - we will live this trip for a long time.

Thank you! Employees of BAC Poland

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