Boom lift Strykow | Rental of aerial work platform.

BAC Polska provides its lifts on transparent terms and at the best prices. We are the industry leader in central Poland. Thousands of companies have trusted us.

Why do we rent the best elevators?

  • We are a rental company with vast experience
  • We offer reliable self-propelled platforms of the Zoomlion brand
  • We provide lifts powered by an innovative lithium-ion battery
  • Combustion machines are equipped with Kubota Stage V engines
  • The models we rent have a large maximum lifting capacity
  • Scissor lifts allow constant travel speed at different heights
  • Telescopic lifts use Dual safety system
  • Most models have been equipped with a 4×4 drive, which makes it possible to work in difficult terrain
  • We provide machines with non-marking tires
  • The lifts are extremely compact and will work well for multi-tasking
  • Using the platforms, you can easily do the work between the racks in the warehouse
  • Hired machines have repeatedly proved to be a support for operators
  • Many tasks were performed on them: easy and difficult
  • Platforms made available to customers are serviced at the address indicated
  • All lifts have current UDT tests

Find out more about BAC Polska

For less than 20 years, we have been meeting customers' expectations by providing lifts with a wide range of applications. The machines we rent are characterized by high lifting capacity and maximum working height. We have been trusted by many companies and individuals, deciding to rent just in BAC Polska. We are constantly expanding our network of contacts with new contractors. We provide the best services.

Attractive prices are just one of the many benefits of renting a lift at BAC Polska. We are able to deliver the self-propelled platform to the place indicated by the client. Whether it be a city center, housing estate or construction site. We are extremely flexible, see for yourself!

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    Strykow is a small town located in central Poland. The town is located about 15 kilometers from Lodz, which is the largest city in the region. The municipality has begun to develop rapidly in recent years due to the investments that are being made there. The area has a thriving Lodz Special Economic Zone, and consequently there is no shortage of warehouses, industrial halls or production facilities.

    Such dynamic development of the municipality would be impossible without an adequate highway network. The township has become popular because this is where the intersection of the A1 freeway z A2 highway. Using these roads we will reach every corner of Poland - north, south, east, west.

    Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Gdańsk, Katowice, Częstochowa These are just some of the cities we can reach quickly from Stykov. The most important thing for this region is that the trip to these towns in most cases does not take more than 2 hours. This is the middle of Poland, from where transportation to other regions is very easy.

    In addition to an extensive road transport network, the municipality also benefits from a rail road and a freight siding, so transporting goods is not difficult. We can reach the region in no time by choosing the air route, as there is a short distance from the Wladyslaw Reymont Airport Lodz and Warsaw Chopin Airport.

    Mobile platform Strykow

    We offer elevator services in this city and throughout the surrounding area. The machines have repeatedly proved to be a support in high-altitude work in such tasks as erecting structures, upgrading lighting, replacing lamps or in creating new facilities. It has also proven itself in finishing work. Lifters have been seen in the construction of warehouse, industrial or manufacturing halls for many years.

    Central Poland is a region where we are constantly intensifying our activities, becoming a leader in the industry. We have been trusted by many companies, and we use the experience we have gained in further cooperation.

    Lift Rental Strykow

    Contacting us is very beneficial for many reasons. We guarantee that every party will be satisfied because we tailor offers to clients. We are able to rent lifts for short or indefinite periods. Especially the latter type is recommended for those who need equipment for a slightly longer period of time, required for a large investment.

    The lifts we offer are equipped with a lithium-ion battery. This is an increasingly popular solution, as these skips are extremely quiet and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere (they are environmentally friendly). Need more information on this topic? Contact our sales representatives!

    Aerial Work Platform Strykow

    Renting an aerial lift is very easy, and importantly, it is a very popular piece of equipment. Maintenance and care of these models is an extremely simple task. These lifts are used for work at considerable heights, where it is difficult to get to without proper Support.

    You can work on aerial work platforms without fear, as all models at BAC Polska have current Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) tests. In case of service, we also arrive on site, at the appointed time and date.

    Rental of mobile platforms

    Due to the dynamic development of the region, BAC Polska offers its mobile platforms in the area. We are able to rent the lifts to various companies working in the region of Strykow and its surroundings. We are not interested in the rental time, as we are flexible - we provide lifts for a short or indefinite period of time.

    We offer attractive prices and especially encourage you to take advantage of the long-term rental option. Our lifts can be a support not only in the construction or finishing process. Machines are very often used in halls put into operation, as a maintenance vehicle. Do not worry about the width of the passage between racks - we will match the dimensions of the platform to your capabilities.

    Scissor lift rental

    Hired at BAC Poland, a construction vehicle designed for work at heights, will prove useful for installation and any project. We especially recommend platforms when creating buildings for the logistics or construction industry. The scissor lift, in addition to being a support in construction, will also be perfect for the finished hall. The compact size very often helps in the maintenance of equipment, and even in such outdoor activities as the installation of advertising or tree cutting.

    Best telescopic booms

    For work at considerable heights, we recommend telescopic platforms. It is a solution created for special tasks. Safety systems, four-wheel drive, are elements that improve daily work. Especially when the operator is at heights above 20 meters. The maximum working ceiling at which our models operate is 56 meters. So it's easy to predict whether completing a job will be possible. So if you need a platform for special tasks, drop a line aerial work platform - We will match the equipment to the implementation of the investment.

    Questions and answers

    We encourage all companies choosing to build in the area to take advantage of BAC Polska's elevator offer.

    Of course it is. However, in this case, we ask that the rental last longer than a month.

    We have four branches located in almost all of Poland. There is no possibility that the machine will not be delivered to the place indicated by the customer. Ultimately, the region is served by the Piotrków Trybunalski branch.

    Yes, there is such a possibility. Contact our staff for availability.

    We have a qualified service that is very experienced. With our fleet of vehicles, we reach the place of request in no time. Using BAC Polska's lifts, you can work without worrying about being left without technical support.

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