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Take advantage of the offer prepared by BAC Polska. We offer lift rental Zielona Góra - Short-term and long-term at a good price.

The best lift rental company in Zielona Gora

  • We make available highlifts with different lifting capacities and maximum working heights
  • We offer sales and lift rental Zielona Góra
  • There are many models in our fleet from various global manufacturers
  • There is no shortage of scissor and telescopic lifts
  • Many of our machines are electrically powered
  • Some are equipped with an innovative lithium-ion battery
  • We operate rapidly throughout Poland
  • We deliver the machines on the spot to the place indicated by the customer
  • We have qualified and experienced drivers
  • Our service technicians are specialists in machine repair
  • We are always in constant contact with the customer
  • Credibility and professionalism are our strengths
  • We do not leave inquiries unanswered
  • With our service offering, we surpass the capabilities of our competitors
  • All our machines have an up-to-date inspection by the Office of Technical Inspection
  • We offer the best lift rental Zielona Góra

Leader in the lift industry in Zielona Gora

The experience we have gathered allows us to be one step ahead of other companies. We have branches located in almost all of Poland, so we can offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra At attractive prices in every corner of the country. We offer for rent models that reach up to 56 meters of working height.

We are trusted by many companies from all over Poland. With us, equipment rental is safe and comfortable. We are constantly expanding our network of operations, thanks to which we offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra. In addition, we sell new and used machinery.

The qualified staff of BAC Polska has been providing assistance and support for many years in the selection of excavators. For us there are no impossible tasks. Convince yourself of this - you can call us, fill out the contact form or write an e-mail. We invite you to contact us!

+48 512 196 408

Piotr Buraczewski
Branch, Service and UDT Manager

+48 957 529 277


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    Mobile platform Zielona Góra

    It is difficult to run an investment effectively without proper construction support. Elevators have been helping to fulfill orders at significant heights from the ground for many years. The advantage of these machines is that in most cases they have 4×4 drive or move on tracks. At BAC Polska, we offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra With a wide range of machines to choose from.

    Each operator has a choice of comprehensive equipment. We have a wide range of machines that we can classify by power supply - electric and diesel. Each of these solutions is beneficial to the renter. For details, please feel free to contact our sales representatives.

    Aerial Work Platform Rental Zielona Góra

    Aerial work platforms can be spotted passing any large construction site. In recent years, these machines have increasingly been used for other tasks. We may see such equipment when repairing lighting, installing roofs or replacing facades with new ones. At BAC Polska we offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra With a wide range of aerial lifts.

    The aerial work platforms from BAC Polska can be used in large urban centers, due to the use of a lithium-ion battery. This type of power supply is characterized by the fact that it does not release harmful compounds into the atmosphere. In addition, these machines are extremely quiet when working at heights. The range of services you can perform with this equipment very large!

    Crane rental Zielona Góra

    BAC Polska stands out from the competition with its low machine rental prices. We make available a variety of lift trucks - smaller scissor lifts and larger telescopic lifts. All of these models are tested and have up-to-date tests from the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT). Take advantage of our offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra.

    For the past two years we have been an authorized dealer of the Zoomlion brand for elevators. The cooperation allows us to offer customers innovative machine models. The three biggest advantages of elevators from this particular manufacturer are: The stability of the structure, the quality of the workmanship of the various components, and the many years of warranty.

    Aerial work platform rental Zielona Góra

    Window cleaning at height, tree trimming, maintenance of hanging elements - these are just some of the many services you can perform with a lift from BAC Polska. Ditch the old solutions and enjoy an innovative machine that will help you perform various activities.

    We use a lot of equipment for rent, especially aerial work platforms. Nowadays, it is these machines that we constantly offer to customers. Don't delay and get acquainted with our fleet of machines available on hand [click HERE].

    Lifters Zielona Góra for special tasks

    If you are looking for equipment to work at heights above 20 meters, we encourage you to take a look at our telescopic lifts at BAC Polska. These machines ensure quick execution of orders and investments at significant distances from the ground. Many of our machines are equipped with numerous safety systems, which guarantees the safety of the operator while working. This is another reason why our Lift Rental Zielona Góra Is so appreciated by our customers.

    An excellent city for investment

    Zielona Gora is located in the Lubuskie province. Along with Gorzow Wielkopolski These are the two largest cities in the region. The short distance from this city to the Polish-German border makes the locality a popular choice for investors as a headquarters for new companies.

    Near the city runs S3 expressway, which connects the north of Poland with the south. From the region's largest city we can easily reach cities such as Gorzow Wielkopolski, Szczecin, Lubin or Legnica. Approximately 40 km north of Zielona Góra runs the A2 freeway, which is a link between the west of Poland and the capital, Warsaw. Such a rich road network means that from the city we can also quickly get to Lodz, Poznan or Berlin.

    The proximity of the German border means that many new companies and businesses are being established in and around the region. Many western companies choose to develop their investments in western Poland, thus driving the Lubuskie province. Needless to say, it would be difficult to complete many projects without elevators. BAC Poland, headquartered in Kostrzyn-on-Oder, makes its machines available in the west of Poland and beyond. So if you are an investor with an ambitious plan to implement an investment - contact us. Thanks to our offer Lift Rental Zielona Góra, the implementation of many projects becomes easier.

    Our offer is not dedicated only to large companies. We also make our lifts available to smaller businesses or individuals. At BAC Polska every customer is welcome.

    Questions and answers

    Yes. BAC Polska offers machines that can accommodate up to three workers, sometimes along with an additional load. This is one of the many conveniences that our Lift Rental Zielona Góra.

    As much as possible. At BAC Polska, we encourage you to take advantage of long-term rentals. Equipment rental with our company can last up to several years. This is an ideal solution for companies needing permanent access to lifts in Zielona Gora.

    At BAC Polska, we have a number of mobile mechanics who fix defects immediately. It is possible to stay in constant telephone contact with our service technicians. Thanks to this, our Lift Rental Zielona Góra Is safe and reliable.

    As much as possible. At BAC Polska, we encourage you to visit our website, choose the right equipment and contact our staff. The booking process is simple and quick, making our offerings Lift Rental Zielona Góra even more attractive.

    Definitely yes. Selected models from BAC Polska have 4×4 drive and some lifts are factory-equipped with tracks. As a result, our lifts are ideal for work in all conditions, confirming the quality of our offerings Lift Rental Zielona Góra.

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